Crown Lakes

Crown Lakes By Jim McGraw

Forterra is advancing an innovative approach to conservation that encourages collaboration across all sectors and balances environmental, social and economic needs. We emphasize the link between vibrant cities and healthy rural lands and use creative new ways to protect land. We are developing conservation strategies that use market forces to leverage limited public and philanthropic funding and maximize conservation benefits. 

In an effort to maximize our effectiveness and engagement, Forterra reaches out to a broad spectrum of partners. Many of our greatest successes stem from our work with groups and individuals on all sides on an issue. Forterra collaborates with government agencies, tribes, businesses, conservation and art groups, and communities across the region.

We reach out to an extraordinarily broad spectrum of partners.

We approach conservation with the recognition of the invaluable connection between our great cities and our rural lands. When we have livable, attractive communities in which people live, our natural and working lands are protected from devastating sprawl. The Cascade and Olympic Agendas utilize leading-edge tools and policies to help finance and strengthen our economies and improve our cities while protecting our working forest, farmlands and wilderness.