The Cascade Agenda is a 100 year action plan for the lands and communities of our region.  It is based on the input of thousands of residents across our region and offers pragmatic solutions to the challenges and opportunities created by our tremendous population growth. The Cascade Agenda’s collective vision is grounded in the belief that a broad coalition can achieve fundamental change.  It is a balanced approach to conservation and community building that encourages collaboration across all sectors and considers environmental, social, and economic needs. 

The Cascade Agenda brings together business, civic and government leaders to accomplish two big goals:

1. Our Lands:  Protect 1 million acres of working forests (93% of existing timberland) and farms (85% of current agricultural lands) and 265,000 acres of shorelines, natural areas and parks.
2. Our Communities:  Maintain our rural economies and way of life and enhance the vibrancy and livability of our cities and towns.

A Critical Moment in History

The Cascade Agenda is a recognition that the Puget Sound region is at a critical moment in history.  Locally, we expect our population to double in the next century, growing to more than 8 million people, about the size of New York City today.  Globally, we know that climate change threatens our natural environment, economy and standard of living.

In May 2005, Forterra created The Cascade Agenda as a call to action and an opportunity to envision the communities, natural environment and economy that will sustain us, our children and our grandchildren for the next 100 years.

Our Shared Vision


The Cascade Agenda is a collective vision for the region. It is grounded in the belief that a broad coalition can achieve fundamental change.  Led by Forterra, nearly 100 businesses, organizations and government agencies and more than 750 community leaders and passionate citizens from King, Kittitas, Pierce and Snohomish Counties stand behind The Cascade Agenda.  Supporters range broadly from farmers, foresters and tribes to housing, arts and cultural interests.

Accomplishing the Agenda’s bold goals will require leadership from every sector and a voice from every constituency.  The Agenda’s collaborative, “big tent,” a key precept from the beginning, continues to offer the best way forward.  And the tent is growing.

Presentations and Resources

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