Where We Work

Forterra's work stretches from the farmland and river canyons of Yakima all the way to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline. We are committed to smart urban policy and urban forest restoration in the Puget Sound region’s many wonderful cities. We are working with communities across the Olympic Peninsula to create a sustainable plan for the next 100 years. The scope of our work has expanded dramatically over the past several decades, the circle in which we map “our region” continues to grow, but whether we’re conserving land in Mt. Vernon or building community gardens in Tacoma, Forterra’s mission to further economic and environmental sustainablity remains right at the heart of everywhere we work.

Protected Properties

Learn about Forterra's protected properties across Washington state.

Accessible to Public

Open to all for hiking, adventuring and quiet reflection in the great outdoors.

Conservation Easement

Conservation easements protect land in perpetuity by removing the developement potential.

Forterra Owns

Forterra owns over 7,100 acres of land that's been conserved in perpetuity.

Cascade Agenda Cities

Cascade Agenda Cities work with Forterra to develop and implement smart growth policies and advance catalytic and pioneering projects.

Community Programs

Forterra partners with cities and  residents to create affordable, attractive, healthy communities to live, work and raise families, advancing the goals of the Cascade Agenda.

Green City Partnerships

Forterra’s Green Cities Network creates public-private partnerships with municipalities to restore and maintain forested parklands and natural open spaces.