Land Stewardship

Forterra manages its lands and waters with restoration and community engagement.

Our Lands

Forterra has an ownership interest in over 14,300 acres of diverse landscapes within King, Kittitas, Pierce, Snohomish and Mason Counties, as well as estuary land on the Washington coast.  Of this total, we own 7,498 acres and hold either a conservation easement or a stewardship easement on the remaining 6,824 acres. Forterra stewards the lands we own to enhance their ecological value and make them an asset to the local community. We monitor our conservation easements annually and work with landowners to maximize conservation values while maintaining the uses permitted on the property.

Forterra volunteer Land Stewards play a central role in the stewardship and monitoring of Forterra’s conserved lands. Trained by Forterra stewardship staff, volunteer stewards monitor properties, document threats, and assist with on-the-ground restoration.

They are Forterra’s eyes and ears in the field and ambassadors to neighboring communities.  To learn more about Forterra’s volunteer Land Steward program click here.

Volunteers can also lend a hand in monthly restoration events held on Forterra’s conserved lands.  To learn more about these opportunities click here.

Forterra also stewards other conserved land owned by Government Agencies, Tribes, Non-Profits, and community members to provide professional stewardship services and improve land management throughout our region.  On the Cedar River in King County, Forterra has been managing habitat restoration lands owned by Seattle Public Utilities since 2003, and has been providing stewardship services throughout the lower Cedar River basin on private property and other public lands since 2009.   To learn more about these services and opportunities click here. 

Forterra also participates in the Green Cities Network which creates public-private partnerships with municipalities to develop community-based stewardship programs for forested parklands and natural open spaces.