Cascade Agenda Cities

Creating great communities through policy and planning

The Cascade Agenda is guided by the principle that great cities help conserve great natural lands. Forterra partners with cities and their residents to create communities that provide affordable, attractive, prosperous and healthy places to live, work and raise families. By ensuring the majority of residents live in walkable neighborhoods near parks and open space, transportation choices, jobs and shops, future growth will not compromise the natural areas, working farms and forests that make this region spectacular.

With population slated to double in our region in the next 100 years, action is critical. We need complete, compact, connected, conservation-oriented communities.

  • Complete Communities have neighborhoods with a vibrant mix of people, jobs, public gathering places, civic and cultural anchors and retail establishments.
  • Compact Communities develop existing neighborhoods in their towns and cities to make them walkable, affordable, attractive and healthy. 
  • Connected Communities are designed to make it easy for residents to use transit, walk and bike safely to their daily destinations. They link the natural and urban world to give residents easy access to waterfronts, parks and trails.

Our Key Strategies:  Forterra focuses on three key areas to drive local innovation in land use policy. We work with city leaders and citizens, develop and implement appropriate smart growth policies and advance catalytic and pioneering projects.

1. Public Support: Forterra educates city leaders and residents on the benefits of well-planned growth and engages local citizens in advocating for quality growth in their communities

2. Policy implementation:  Forterra works closely with cities to research, write and adopt strong plans, policies and ordinances that create affordable, healthy, walkable, and economically vibrant communities

3. Advance Catalytic Projects: Forterra and its partners work to advance transformational projects that demonstrate the benefits of smart growth and to initiate private market response

Current Cascade Agenda Cities

There are currently 19 Cascade Agenda Cities throughout the region. Forterra works with them on a diverse array of issues including community engagement, Complete Streets, transit oriented development, city planning and much more. The CA Cities are:

Edmonds (Leadership)
Issaquah (Leadership)
Kirkland (Leadership)
Mill Creek
Mountlake Terrace
Seattle (Leadership)
Tacoma (Leadership)
Tukwila (Leadership)
University Place