Stewardship Initatives

Once our precious lands are conserved, they need continual monitoring, restoration and stewardship. Forterra has an ownership interest in over 13,500 acres of diverse landscapes within King, Kittitas, Pierce, Snohomish and Mason Counties, as well as estuary land on the Washington coast.  Of this total, we own 7,409 acres and hold either a conservation easement or a stewardship easement on the remaining 6,284 acres. We monitor our conservation easements annually and work with landowners to maximize conservation values while maintaining the uses permitted on the property.

Morse Wildlife Preserve

Forterra's premiere education site in Pierce County, the Morse Wildlife Preserve is a 98-acre property near the headwaters of Muck Creek. 

Duwamish Hill Preserve

The Duwamish Hill Preserve is an active restoration site, cultural important landmark, and Forterra's premiere education site in King County.

Cedar River Restoration

The Cedar River is one of the most cherished and historically significant waterways in the Puget Sound region.

Restore the Duwamish Shoreline Challenge

Forterra, Tukwila and BECU are partnering to challenge other businesses and community volunteers to help restore the Duwamish River shoreline habitat.

Work For You

Build Community

Conservation Initiatives

Forterra is working to conserve 1 million acres of land across Washington

Green Cities

Forterra’s Green Cities Program implements public-private partnerships to restore and maintain urban forests, natural areas, and greenspaces. Explore our work below and learn how to get involved in your community.

Green Tacoma Partnership

Green Redmond Partnership

Green Kent Partnership

Green Seattle Partnership

Green Kirkland Partnership

About Green City Partnerships

Green Cities Toolbox

Green Cities Research

Become the Next Green City

Green Everett Partnership

Conserve Land

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In over twenty years, we’ve conserved nearly 234,000 acres of important urban green space, working lands, and rivers, streams and forests throughout the region.

We employ traditional conservation tools such as land purchases, donations, conservation easements and ownership agreements. We’re also implementing innovative conservation tools like Transfer of Development rights and the Landscape Conservation and Local Infrastructure Program, a tool Forterra led through the 2011 legislative session.

Transfer of Development Rights

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) is a market-based mechanism that promotes growth, while conserving working forest and prime agricultural.

Ecosystem Services Markets

Ecosystem Services Markets help developers avoid and minimize damage to sensitive natural areas and offset unavoidable impacts with restoration or enhancement of other areas.

Protected Lands

In over twenty years, we’ve conserved over 234,000 acres of important urban green space, working lands, and rivers, streams and forests throughout the region.

Land Stewardship

Once our precious lands are conserved, they need continual monitoring, restoration and stewardship. We are responsible for stewarding over 14,300 acres!

Conservation Initiatives

Learn more about Forterra's major conservation iniatives in the Central Cascades region and across the Olympic Peninsula.

Stewardship Initatives

We are commited to long-term restoration efforts on many lands and properties around the region.

Get Involved

The power to shape the future comes from you.

What We Do

Forterra is advancing an innovative new approach to conservation and community building.

Forterra is advancing an innovative new approach to conservation that encourages collaboration across all sectors and balances environmental, social and economic needs. We emphasize the link between vibrant cities and healthy rural lands and use creative new ways to protect land on a scale never seen before. Our efforts include conserving land, building better communities, advancing new policies providing a spectrum of professional services.

Conserve Land

In over twenty years, we’ve conserved nearly 234,000 acres of important urban green space, working lands, and rivers, streams and forests throughout the region.

Build Community

Our Communities programs are creating more livable communities by working closely with cities and counties and mobilizing residents in their neighborhoods.

Work For You

We offer a wide range of professional services including Carbon Mitigation, Transfer of Development Rights, GIS, Land Acquisition and more.

Who We Are

Forterra is the largest conservation and community building organization in the Northwest.

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Forterra's mission is to act with immediacy to protect, enhance and steward our region's most precious resources—its communities and its landscapes. Filling a unique niche as the largest conservation and community building organization in Washington State, we are working to build the foundations for our sustainable environmental and economic futures in the face of a rapidly growing population. For over 20 years, Forterra has successfully led efforts to conserve nearly 234,000 acres of forests, farms, shorelines, parks and natural areas and restore critical landscapes.

Guided by a belief that broad inclusion garners broader success, Forterra is advancing an innovative new approach to conservation that encourages collaboration across all sectors and balances environmental, social and economic needs. We emphasize the link between vibrant cities and healthy rural lands and use creative new ways to protect land on a scale never seen before.

The Cascade Agenda

The Cascade Agenda is a 100 year action plan for the communities and lands of King, Kittitas, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

The Olympic Agenda

The Olympic Agenda is an emerging vision with the residents of the Olympic Peninsula that will help shape a future of great communities and healthy landscapes.

The Need

In the next 100 years, our population will double. If we don’t act now, the things that make this region great will be jeopardized.

Our Impact

We're making positive impacts on water quality, climate change, animal habitat, economic development, community building and much more.

Our Approach

We are advancing an innovative approach to conservation that encourages collaboration across all sectors and balances environmental, social and economic needs.


Join Forterra's team of smart, dedicated individuals!

Our People

Forterra is led by an incredible group of individuals.

Where We Work

Forterra works to build community and conserve land across Washington

Forterra's work stretches from the farmland and river canyons of Yakima all the way to the estuaries and forests of Washington’s coastline. We are committed to smart urban policy and urban forest restoration in the Puget Sound region’s many wonderful cities. We are working with communities across the Olympic Peninsula to create a sustainable plan for the next 100 years. The scope of our work has expanded dramatically over the past several decades, the circle in which we map “our region” continues to grow, but whether we’re conserving land in Mt. Vernon or building community gardens in Tacoma, Forterra’s mission to further economic and environmental sustainablity remains right at the heart of everywhere we work.

Protected Properties

Learn about Forterra's protected properties across Washington state.

Accessible to Public

Open to all for hiking, adventuring and quiet reflection in the great outdoors.

Conservation Easement

Conservation easements protect land in perpetuity by removing the developement potential.

Forterra Owns

Forterra owns over 7,100 acres of land that's been conserved in perpetuity.

Cascade Agenda Cities

Cascade Agenda Cities work with Forterra to develop and implement smart growth policies and advance catalytic and pioneering projects.

Community Programs

Forterra partners with cities and  residents to create affordable, attractive, healthy communities to live, work and raise families, advancing the goals of the Cascade Agenda.

Green City Partnerships

Forterra’s Green Cities Network creates public-private partnerships with municipalities to restore and maintain forested parklands and natural open spaces.

Shape Central Issaquah

Help create a great future for central Issaquah

Issaquah is currently finalizing the "Central Issaquah Plan" which will guide redevelopment of almost 1000 acres on the valley floor around I-90 for the next 50 years. Forterra is working with our members to support an ambitious plan that includes more housing in the valley floor, is affordable to a wide-range of residents, increases transportation choices and helps conserve natural landscapes within Issaquah and the region.

Issaquah’s Planning and Policy Commission needs your take at a public hearing on Thursday, July 19th. We’re asking people to speak up and show that Issaquah community members support key elements of the Plan – that they want the future of Central Issaquah to include housing affordable to all workers, good bike/pedestrian infrastructure, and helps conserve our lands.

Make your voice heard!

When: Thursday, July 19th, 2012, 6:30-8pm (arrive early to sign up)
Where: City Council Chambers, 135 E. Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027
Agenda and documents: online here
More info: Skye Schell at (206) 446-8981 or email

Sample talking points:


Thanks for the opportunity to speak about the Central Issaquah Plan. I’m _____, I live at ________, and I’m most passionate about ________ [making the city safe for biking / recreation opportunities for my kids / protecting the environment / etc].

I strongly support the guiding principles of the Central Issaquah Plan (CIP).  Issaquah has clearly identified key components that enhance the vibrancy and livability of a city, and I believe ALL of these must be carefully balanced to create a thriving community.  The following four points address opportunities in the Central Issaquah Plan that we want to see advanced.

1. Provide more housing on the valley floor that is attractive to and affordable to arrange of incomes, ages and abilities.  Locating housing near jobs and transportation is smart planning.  I support Issaquah seeking Regional Growth Center designation that encourages this housing.
a. Regional Growth Center designation can increase opportunities for transportation infrastructure funding that would support residential growth in Central Issaquah, and set the foundation for attracting additional jobs to Issaquah, improving the opportunity to live and work in the community.
b. We support the use of incentives to pioneering projects that build housing in Central Issaquah.  We suggest you expand these beyond the first 200 units suggested in Housing Policy A 2.

2. Ensure that there are homes in Central Issaquah that are affordable for all who want to live and work here. 
a. We are eagerly awaiting the incentives and proposed development codes that will ensure affordable housing will be available. 

3. Make it easier and safer to walk, bike and take transit in Central Issaquah.  We support the push to become a “Bike Friendly Community” and create a city-wide bike/pedestrian master plan – we’re glad to see the plan in council’s 2013 goals. 
a. We would like to see funding prioritized for the planned I-90 overcrossings and innovative infrastructure that allows kids, seniors and others who choose to walk a safe, attractive way to get to where they need to go.
b. We strongly support policy C&M E1 that increases the portion of transportation funding to be used on non-motorized and transit infrastructure.

4. Protect the natural environment through public acquisition of green space, strengthening buffers as property is redeveloped and using natural systems such as LID and Green Infrastructure.
a. We support development codes that require new and redeveloping properties to meet standards and buffer requirements
b. The council needs to prioritize and aggressively work to protect open space and ecological benefits in the Central Issaquah Area.

Carbon Capturing Companies

The C3 Program provides an opportunity for Washington-based companies and residents to partner with local non-profit organizations and community service groups to plant native conifer trees in parks and natural areas in an effort to voluntarily reduce our impact on the climate.

Participants engage in the C3 Program annually by providing funding for Forterra to plant native conifer trees or distribute them to trusted partners who are ready to plant the trees in protected public spaces and care for them as they grow. These trees will sequester and store thousands of tons of CO2 over their lifetime.

Click here to check out our new interactive map showing how many trees the 2012 C3 participants planted and where!

Three Easy Steps For Getting Involved

1) Know Your Carbon Footprint

There are several great carbon calculators available online to help you calculate the carbon footprint of your business, office, home and more. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started with your calculations.

Click here to learn more about these carbon calculators and everything they can do.*

For further help calculating your carbon footprint, consider one of these carbon calculation consultants.

2) Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The first step to addressing climate change is to reduce or prevent emissions of greenhouse gases. Reduce your power consumption through new technology such as:

Click here to read about some more easy ways to reduce your impact.*

3) Plant Trees in Your Community

Partner with Forterra in caring for our climate, our communities and our watersheds by joining C3 today!*

Apply today! Fill out a C3 Application for Companies to kickstart your effort to reduce your impact on our climate by planting trees in your community.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2013 C3 Program. 2013 program partners must submit carbon sequestration goals to Forterra (through the application)  by June 28,  2013.

Receiving Free Trees

Those interested in receiving the trees purchased by C3 partners can fill out a simple “request for trees” (RFT). We will select and notify recipients in August.

*We endeavor to support the C3 Program and our partners with the best available science. Forterra strives to incorporate the best available science into the C3 Program. Click here to learn about the science and research behind C3. Do you know of another great carbon calculator, emissions reduction resource, or up to date information about CO2 sequestration rates or tree survival rates? Please let us know.

Founding Partners

We've partnered with 13 great companies to launch the C3 Program. They are leading the way by purchasing trees to mitigate everything from world band tours to home games to the emissions caused just by doing business. Click here to read more about the partners' carbon calculations, the steps they're taking to reduce emissions, and their 2012 carbon sequestration goals.


For questions, suggestions or further information, please contact:
Weston Brinkley, Research and Development Manager

Thank you for helping us care for our climate, our communities and our watersheds by joining C3 and providing us with your resources and ideas!



Forterra partners with businesses small and large in a variety of ways. We work with your business to tailor a partnership that best serves both the needs of your organization and the advancement of Forterra's mission, whether that's event sponsorship, project backing, a carbon sequestration plan or otherwise.


Corporate support to Forterra ranges in size and scope. There are many ways businesses can support our efforts through sponsorships. Our goal is to give your company broad recognition. Join the growing list of corporate partners who are helping us fulfill our mission of conserving great lands and creating great communities.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us,

Forterra Awards Breakfast

Interested in Sponsoring at the largest environmental fundraising breakfast in the Northwest?

Sponsors support the event and ensure that money donated to Forterra goes back to creating great communities and conserving great lands. This event is strongly promoted and generates hundreds of thousands of impressions to the region. Click here to download the Sponsorship Packet.

For more information on sponsorships contact Rose Marcotte, Corporate and Foundations Relationship Manager: (206) 204-8058 or



Add your voice to the conversation about conservation and community-building.

Forterra works with communities around the region to support new policies, plans and projects that conserve our great lands and help create great communities. Often, the most important decisions are made in your local city council meetings or in our state legislature. Our elected leaders can only make good decisions if they know their constituents are paying attention and support them. Forterra has developed training guides and workshops to help you effectively advocate for our shared values.

Get involved – contact Skye Schell to learn how to advocate with us: -206-905-6891 or


Become a Forterra Volunteer!

Volunteers are critical to the success of Forterra’s mission. They join us in removing invasive plants and planting native species in our urban forests, monitoring and restoring conserved properties around the region, advocating for critical issues in their communities and to their elected officials and lending their professional expertise in all areas of our work.

Volunteering with Forterra is a great way to make a difference for the lands and your community while having fun and connecting with your neighbors.

Learn about our many volunteer opportunities and find the one that’s right for you!

For more information or to become a volunteer today contact: or call (206) 905-6931.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Restoration Volunteer
Join a Forterra or Green City Partnerships work party. Across the region, volunteers remove invasive plant species, plant native plants, spread mulch, do stream and trail restoration and more. No experience or tools needed. Find an event near you.

Business and Community Groups
Forterra works closely with the local businesses and community groups to offer large group volunteer opportunities. Groups may arrange their own work party or join an existing event. Please contact us for information about our Corporate and Community Volunteer Program.

Youth Volunteers and School Groups
Young people are encouraged to get involved in restoration events and experiential learning opportunities. Forterra also connects classrooms with inquiry-based educational opportunities. Please contact us for more information.

Land Stewards
Land Stewards “adopt” a Forterra conserved property in their community. Take a leadership role in monitoring and reporting on the status of the property, restoration efforts and more.

Forest Stewards
Part of the Green City Partnerships program, Forest Stewards are volunteer leaders. Become a Forest Steward and “adopt” an urban park to monitor, report on, and help lead volunteers in restoration.


Forterra offers internships to students and professionals interested in learning more about the fields of conservation, land stewardship and environmental policy, among others. Find internship opportunities.

About Volunteering with Forterra

Youth under 18 years of age may participate in any Forterra event either with a guardian present, or with a signed youth waiver. Find the waiver here.

Volunteers receive Forterra’s e-newsletter. Sign up today to learn more about our work.

Thank you for your interest in Forterra’s volunteer program.

For more information or to become a volunteer today contact: or call (206) 905-6931.


Help Us Create Great Communities and Conserve Great Lands

Donate Today!

Every gift, large and small, helps Forterra advance its critical mission. We rely on the amazing support of our constituents. Please consider making a gift today.

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