Carbon Capturing Companies

The C3 Program provides an opportunity for Washington-based companies and residents to partner with local non-profit organizations and community service groups to plant native conifer trees in parks and natural areas in an effort to voluntarily reduce our impact on the climate.

Participants engage in the C3 Program annually by providing funding for Forterra to plant native conifer trees or distribute them to trusted partners who are ready to plant the trees in protected public spaces and care for them as they grow. These trees will sequester and store thousands of tons of CO2 over their lifetime.

Click here to check out our new interactive map showing how many trees the 2012 C3 participants planted and where!

Three Easy Steps For Getting Involved

1) Know Your Carbon Footprint

There are several great carbon calculators available online to help you calculate the carbon footprint of your business, office, home and more. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started with your calculations.

Click here to learn more about these carbon calculators and everything they can do.*

For further help calculating your carbon footprint, consider one of these carbon calculation consultants.

2) Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The first step to addressing climate change is to reduce or prevent emissions of greenhouse gases. Reduce your power consumption through new technology such as:

Click here to read about some more easy ways to reduce your impact.*

3) Plant Trees in Your Community

Partner with Forterra in caring for our climate, our communities and our watersheds by joining C3 today!*

Apply today! Fill out a C3 Application for Companies to kickstart your effort to reduce your impact on our climate by planting trees in your community.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2013 C3 Program. 2013 program partners must submit carbon sequestration goals to Forterra (through the application)  by June 28,  2013.

Receiving Free Trees

Those interested in receiving the trees purchased by C3 partners can fill out a simple “request for trees” (RFT). We will select and notify recipients in August.

*We endeavor to support the C3 Program and our partners with the best available science. Forterra strives to incorporate the best available science into the C3 Program. Click here to learn about the science and research behind C3. Do you know of another great carbon calculator, emissions reduction resource, or up to date information about CO2 sequestration rates or tree survival rates? Please let us know.

Founding Partners

We've partnered with 13 great companies to launch the C3 Program. They are leading the way by purchasing trees to mitigate everything from world band tours to home games to the emissions caused just by doing business. Click here to read more about the partners' carbon calculations, the steps they're taking to reduce emissions, and their 2012 carbon sequestration goals.


For questions, suggestions or further information, please contact:
Weston Brinkley, Research and Development Manager

Thank you for helping us care for our climate, our communities and our watersheds by joining C3 and providing us with your resources and ideas!